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Summer 2014, Issue II


Farewell to Summer

It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our summer 2014 students and now we have bid farewell. Final exams were Thursday a week ago and students began departing the next day. The summer program is short but packed with intensive classes and lots of fun learning activities. Classes met Monday through Thursday and, as Yonsei designated Friday as “activities day,” most of our CIEE activities took place on Friday. The following photos are from a few of our CIEE events and our community engagement program.

Field Trip to LG Electronics

LG Tour

Students wear special glasses to observe a 3-D display.  

LG Tour 2 enhanced

Students and Seoul Mates pose outside the LG display center.

CIEE Movie & Pizza Night 

Movie night

Movie and pizza to celebrate the end of mid-term exams

Community Engagement

Teaching seniors enhanced

Teaching seniors chinese enhanced

CIEE students teaching English (top) and Chinese (above) to senior citizens

Cooking Class with Seoul Mates

Cooking 5 enhanced

Organizing cooking tasks 

Cooking 2 enhanced

Cooking 7 enhanced

Teams at work

Cooking 6 enhanced

A little entertainment 

Cooking 4 enhanced

  The final products look so delicious

Food enhanced

 The table is set. Ready to eat…

 Farewell Party 

Marina pose

Everyone takes a break before dessert to pose for a group shot on the wharf of the marina

Farewell dinner dessert

Finishing up with dessert